My jailbroken iPod has crashed! help!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by chrambo, Jan 25, 2008.

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    Ok, so i got an iPod touch 1.1.2 for Christmas. Around 5 days after Christmas i jailbroke it, and its worked great since. Earlier today i had my touch plugged into my sound system, and had the iRadio app playing a stream. I went onto my music part of my touch, and put a song on. I then relised that playing a song dosen't stop the iRadio playing, so i went on to the main menu and touched the iRadio sign. Nothing happened so I did it again. Again my iPod didn't change so i pressed the standby button on the top. This didn't work either and the screen just stayed locked on the main menu. I left my iPod for half an hour, hoping it would come out its still and when i returned my screen was flashing with the menu on and off. I couldn't change anything or press anything. Pressing all the buttons did nothing either. I left my iPod to run out of battery, and when it did i plugged it into the charger and turned it on again, but this time it had stripes of black and grey going cross the screen flashing. I left it again and when i returned 10 minutes later my iPod was turning on, and then the passcode screen came up. I put it in and the menu came up. I tried clicking on apps, but the apps just stayed still, and i could poress the button to remain to the main menu, but i couldn't press any of the buttons on the apps. I pressed the standby button down and turned my iPod off, but its now on the flashing screen again!

    help please!!!!!!!
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    Reset your Touch. Hold Home+Sleep/Wake for about 8 seconds until it turns off. Press sleep/wake to turn it back on. It should reboot.
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