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    For starters, I'm not creating this thread with the intention to flame or to hate. If you're gonna reply to this thread, make sure you wont do that either.

    I bought my first handheld device in 2008, the PSP Slim, Piano Black.
    How I loved it. The graphics, the web browser and the multimedia support. The big screen and generally how it's a PS2 that fits in your pocket.

    Later on in 2009, my PSP had a good run for what it's worth and it was getting worn out. Not due to abuse but due to heavy gaming.
    The PSP kept me entertained for about two years, on and off. Plugins, homebrew and new firmwares. It just never got old. I kept discovering new stuff all the time.

    I ended up discovering the iPod Touch. I always loved the iPhone but the crappy battery life discouraged me from buying it.

    Long story short; I ended up buying an iPod Touch, just now, late April 2010 I got it.
    It was fun and first but over time I began realizing it's a bit of a disappointment.

    In my experience, the iPod Touch and the iPhone are nothing but a brand.
    It's very user friendly and a lot of fun, but the way most people make it looks is that it's the most powerful, the most awesome gaming/media/entertainment/websurfing machine of all time.

    I kept talking to a guy on MSN. He kept hating on iPhones and iPod's and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why. I thought they were a lot of fun.

    But now I can see it. Most games have pretty bad graphics and what really annoys me is how Apple drops support for the older models like a dead fish, whenever there's a new model rolled out.

    A good example of that would be iOS 4. Some of the iPhone 3G's have gotten ridiculously slow and sluggish with the new update, and that's without any hacktivating or jailbreaks.

    Half the features in iOS4 doesn't work on any device except the 3GS, i4 and iPT3.

    When the iPhone 4 was released I just wanted one. I kept thinking, should I get it?
    I was convinced that I wanted it and that I needed it. When I think about it, it's not that great. The camera is, and that's it.

    Improved battery life? How is that not awesome?
    That's relative. That's compared to the 3GS which barely lasted a day. This thing lasts one and a half day, more or less.
    I could use my old Sony Ericsson K810i and it lasts five days under heavy load.

    Multitasking? this is great
    Don't even get me started, this is something that has been out for ages.

    What ever, you're boring man. What's the point of this thread anyways?
    I was just interested to see if there's any more people who agrees with me. Are we all just puppets under control by Steve Jobs?

    Is it just me or are the iPhones nothing but a brand? They do make it look good, that's for sure. but when you think about it, it really isn't.

    This is just my story. A mini-review of the iPhone and iPod touch. If you're looking to troll or flame, do it somewhere else. I'm not intending to get anyone butthurt or upset about my opinion.

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