My iPhone will not show up in iTunes on my Mac.

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by Tman47, Apr 20, 2009.

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    Okay its hard to type this because i just had blood drawn but yeah like the title says...

    Yesterday i wanted to sync a movie to my iPhone i realized that my iPhone had no connectivity whatsoever to the computer. It would not even charge by this computer. The computer i am using is a dell mini 9 hackintoshed with leopard 10.5.6.

    At first i thought it could be the iPhone since i am on a 3.0 beta so i went to my old laptop and restored my iPhone quickly just so it was usable, although i have no apps or contacts or anything since the backups are stored on my main computer.

    The problem stayed constant, so the next thing i tried was basically what apple had said to do, restart my computer, reinstall iTunes, switch USB ports, use a different cable. Nothing.

    The odd part is that in DFU my iPhone is recognized but not in normal restore mode so i could not use my main computer to restore.

    That day i had installed iLife 09 and figured it could be a screw up in the camera capabilities since iPhoto would always want to import my pictures i made the default when a camera was attached to "No Application".

    My next step was to disconnect any external devices attached to my computer, my monitor, external hard drive, dvd burner. Etc. Now the computer will charge the iPhone after a couple seconds of being connected, as well as if iPhoto is open it will show up there. However it is not on my desktop or in iTunes.

    My last resort was to restore my computer from a time machine backup from about 2 days ago before iLife of any sort was on my computer. After painstakingly waiting a few hours i started my computer up and.... it will charge immediately but still no iTunes connectivity.

    Someone please help me because I have no idea what it could be to cause my computer to do this.

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