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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by stmteam, Jan 17, 2009.

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    I've bought an iPhone and I am considering buying a seperate contract (am currently on PAYG). The contract is minimum of 30 days and is £9.99 a month, pretty good.

    Unfortunately though I run apps which have annoying ads etc, how do I disable the Internet. I want to use 3G calls but without 3g internet, just using Wifi. See I want to keep Push Email on but it only to work on Wifi.

    I tried changing Celluar Data Network Username, Password, Server but it still works!!! I really don't want to use the Internet but some apps call out to adverts and you end up paying big time, I don't want this. Does Roaming Charges "OFF" fix this?
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    Jailbreak the phone, install BossPrefs from Cydia. open BossPrefs and turn EDGE off.

    Roaming Charges Off disables all data when you're outside your country.
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    First of all I'm already jailbroken, but I've heard the Edge toggle in SbSettings doesn't always work, there's an old edge toggle and a new Edge toggle. Besides, I'm using SbSettings. Toggling Edge off doesn't stop 3G though, so I can still use the Internet, not what I want.

    Is there a non JB solution? I guess not, then again with Apple you are expected to have a data plan.

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