My friend's iTouch is not booting.

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Mustangt777, Apr 23, 2009.

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    Ok well, yesterday my friend had his iTouch 2G jailbroken. SBSettings was installed and he proceeded to hide a lot of icons. After exiting it to respring, it kept on respringing for 10 mins, then he tried to turn it off. Then he connected it to his computer and it showed only the apple boot logo but didn't boot. It didn't work so he left it out for the battery to die. This morning he connected it back to the computer but only the apple sign is showing. Now the screen is black after an attempt of putting it in recovery mode. Any help?
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    you put it into DFU restore mode, meaning that it will NOT turn on the screen...

    connect to your computer, then proceed to hold both the home + sleep buttons for 10 seconds, then release JUST the sleep button (hold home). During this time, the screen will NOT respond, but don't worry

    a white screen should appear, followed by the sound of your computer picking the iPod up via USB (ba-dunk*)

    iTunes will recieve your iPod and prompt you to restore. then simply restore to the latest firmware

    The reason for your friends iPod-misfortune, is the result of a botched attempt to restore his iPod...

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