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    Hey guys,
    I have been trying several methods of upgrading to 1.1.3 from Nate True's method, to iPodtouchmaster and the Dev team soft upgrade. After plenty of testing, the Dev Team way is the winner in my opinion. If you choose to go this way, make sure you are on 1.1.2 and have BSD subsystem installed and the Autolock set to never. Then, refer to this link.

    Then, once you go through the installation processes, add this source to get the mail, google maps,.. etc: Then, there will be a folder callled some the along the line of iPhone 1.1.3 Applications. Install, the iPhone Apps and then the Mail app Fix. It has made several things work for me, including the locate me feature in Google MAPS. I also had a problem with my iPod freezing and having to reset it a lot with other methods, but so far not with the Dev team method.

    This is definitely the most bug-free out all of them so far. It took me a while to figure it all out, but eventually I got an almost perfect 1.1.3 upgrade with Apps. I really appreciate in Dev team...THANKS!!!!

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    BTW if you are missing any sources after installing, just refer to AlliPodHax's Post.

    Hope this helps the people who are having some trouble.

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