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    if you are experiencing troubles with your jailbroken ipod touch, read this. i had the lockdown jailbroken app on my 'broken touch updated 2.2.1. when i changed the password, the programs would not open, even when i had the right password. so i deleted the program via ssh. but it seems that it left a residue. so i panicked and decided to restore. but i didnt have a backup before my original jailbreak. so how to get my 2.2.1 firmware back with out buying it again? (it came as a refurbished 1g with 1.1.1) read this to get your firmware back for free.

    go find a file that has 2.2.1 in it somewhere in the file name. for example, because i have a 1g ipod touch and i want 2.2.1 firmware, i found a file called


    after you have your file downladed and ready, go to itunes with your ipod touch plugged in and, if on windows, shift click restore, if on mac, option click restore. a window will pop up. find your firmware and click open or what ever. the ipod touch will restore to the firmware specified. no sweat. if this helped you please tell me. i was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited when i got my ipod re-jailbroken with the correct firmware, that i hopped back online, and decided to tell the world.

    btw, if you need help with gameboy4iphone installation (I FOUND IT ON CYDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), if enough people pm me, ill make a new thread with a DIFFERENT tutorial. no computer required. ...well, only with your web browser though. not winscp or whatever you use to ssh into your ipod. i want +10 people pming me about gameboy4iphone and i will make a real tutorial that may or may not work, probably depending on your firmware.
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    will somebody please tell me that this works???????

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