Music idea! look and tell me if its a good idea?

Discussion in 'Application Ideas' started by Puredudes, Mar 11, 2009.


Will the music voice with song and artist, through a speaker and headphones?

  1. Yes, I would enjoy this feature!

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  2. No, sounds dumb who would want that?

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  3. Maybe sounds ok?

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  4. idk let me think

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    iPod touch
    Ok apple came up with it on the new ipod shuffle where when a new song plays it tells the name of the song and artist. ect. I thought it would be great to have this feature for the iphone and ipod touch, because when im listening to music in my car im busy driving not looking at the name so it would be easier navagation and it could be used with pocket touch. If this is a good idea great if not could someone good at coding contact me in the message that would like to tackle this? it would be awesome. and maybe if a lot of people want this it could be sold in the cydia store and you could make some extra cash.

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