Music Hiccups - iOS 4?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by mgw4jc, Jun 30, 2010.

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    Since installing iOS4 on my iPod Touch 2nd Gen, I've noticed some occasional hiccups in the music when I turn it on and off. I use my Touch at work to listen to podcasts and music with headphones. I start an album or playlist and then turn the Touch screen off. Upon clicking the Sleep/Wake button to turn it off, there is a slight pause or hiccup in the music, just a split second. The same happens when I Slide to Unlock.

    Is anyone else noticing this? I'm pretty sure it was not happening before I installed iOS 4. If it had been, I don't think I would be noticing it now.
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    Happens to me too (2G iPod), just every now and then. Not often enough to get annoying though.
  3. Me too, the app also takes longer to start up and takes several seconds for album artwork to be displayed.

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