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Discussion in 'iTunes' started by VirtualX, Jul 11, 2008.

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    Jul 11, 2008
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    Good day,

    I've run into a bit of a problem with my new iTouch.

    I have a few CD compilations that are custom made (MP3 format) but I cannot send these MP3s to my iTouch in the order of the tracklist. The tracks are in alphabetical order yet when I add them to my library and/or sync them to my iTouch, the tracks lose their place and get all mixed up.

    For example:
    (Intro 1) is suppose to be the first file on the compilation and instead it moves down to the middle of the pack when uploaded to the iTunes library.

    Is there any way to dispatch these files to iTunes/iTouch in the order that I want or must they be sorted according to iTunes/iTouch's desire? Should I be entering something into the MP3 ID tag? Would that change anything?

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