Mummy's Revenge LITE (FREE) is OUT

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    Hi Everyone,

    Now everyone can try Mummy's Revenge with the Lite Version. Price = FREE

    Link to Appstore: itms://

    After you're done practicing with the Lite version, Check Out the Full Version.

    HERE's a link to the gameplay video showcasing the new weapons and Boss level:

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    Flame Thrower:

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    Dual magnum:

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    Boss Level:

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    About Mummy's Revenge (Full Version):

    Mummy's Revenge is being featured by Apple in the "What We're Playing" Section of the Appstore. Mummy's Revenge is one of the most popular games in the sidescrolling action genre. I have worked hard to make Mummy's Revenge unique by adding a boss level, grenades and a different style of Melee.

    Mummy's Revenge is getting updated all the time, think Pocket God and Zombieville mixed together.

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    We plan new Chapters every month with new features, we are currently working on our 3rd Chapter, Take a look below at our updates so far.

    Joe Adventure in Mummy's Revenge:

    1st Chapter: Anubis Awakes
    - 5 Weapons (including grenades)
    - Battle Mummies and Anubis
    - Desert Background

    2nd Chapter: A Pharaohs Wrath
    - 10 New Weapons
    - New Enemy/Boss "The Pharaoh"
    - New Background "The Caves"

    Coming Soon:

    3rd Chapter: When Mummies Fly
    - New Weapon
    - New Enemy/Boss "Flying Mummies"
    - New Background "The Tomb"

    I have attached a picture of the new: WHEN MUMMIES FLY update

    Tell me what you think of the new preview pic. It should give you an idea of the direction i'm going in. Like I said, those who bought the game already are going to enjoy great updates that don't just fix things but add new value.

    Thanks for the support.

    Please leave a comment in this thread about the game after you've tried it. and don't forget iTunes Appstore Reviews. Thanks.

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    Graphics aren't half bad....I might give it a try.

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