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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by robertr64, Oct 18, 2007.

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    So far, I'm very happy with the Ipod Touch (though would have liked a true keyboard input option), and I got a successful jailbreak last night with the Windows Touchfree procedure. I ran into some minor issues and questions:

    - I have SSH server working OK, but only with password login. Is there a way to use encrytion key files like you can on Unix or Mac OS X? Updating sshd_config didn't seem to work. I also tried the OpenSSH installer that comes with iphone, but that didn't connect with a key either - now I seem to have 2 ssh versions running.

    - Is there any streaming audio player that works with Ipod Touch (not video). I was lookiing at it as a portable way to get Internet Radio when I have a wireless connection but am in a different room from my desktop. It would be great if the Itunes Radio streaming links could be ported there.

    - Where do I get the iphone Mail app? it didn't come up in the Installer?

    - I loaded TermVT100, and can issue Unix commands OK, but for some reason when trying to SSH out, the wireless connection does not seem to be active, any way to fix that? I can access Wifi fine via Safari or Apollo, and outboud SSH also works if I'm connected to the device from my desktop via USB, but not from the Ipod Touch screen.

    - Anyone get a VPN client working? I've had pretty good results using either Hamachi or OpenVPN to access work networks, via a Mac or PC, so if the Mac OS X version could be ported to Ipod TOuch and Iphone I'd be able to access my work mail.

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