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    So many standardized tests these days are multiple choice. Wouldn't it be great if there was an application which allowed you to study the multiple choice questions where ever you were on your ipod touch? It would help tremendously for the SATs, Coast Guard Marine Licensing Exam

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    , and the various other similar exams.

    I would like to see an application which could simply draw randomly from a data bank of questions and display in portrait view, the question and the three answers. Then you would simply click on the right answer, or wrong answer, in much the same way the Millionaire game works.

    However, since this is a studying aid, it would be beneficial to keep track of which problems were missed by moving those questions to another data base.

    The idea of the app is simple and to a knowledgeable programmer this may be accomplished relatively easily. I picture on the start-up of the app a list of the data bank files which have been uploaded by the user. This screen could be much like the emulator page in that it saves tests. Upon clicking the desired test questions the program would begin.

    A percentage would be calculated depending on the number of correct answers. All questions which are missed would be moved to a new data base file which could be accessed at a later time. All questions answered correctly will be mark accordingly so that they do not get revisited.

    The data base files could be set up as described. One column would be the question, the next three with the answers and the final being an indication of the correct answer. This would allow for a simple program as it simply has to match the user inputted answer to the one indicated by the last column.

    oh and I love the new "similar threads already open" section which pops up when your starting a new thread, thats such a great idea.

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