Multiple Calendars for syncing iPod Touch to Mac

Discussion in 'iPhone Applications on iPod touch' started by b4711k, Oct 22, 2007.

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    Oct 22, 2007
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    I have got an iPod Touch 1.1.1 jailbreaked and with all the nice apps installed and running well.

    I have also applied the hack to the plist to make the default calendar application on the iPod show the plus icon for creating items.

    It works okay-ish and synchronizes okay-ish.

    The only problem is that the Ipod Touch will always put new items in a calendar named "Home". This is the default calendar in MacOS X iCal and I figure that most people won't even notice an issue here. However, you cannot change the calendar new items get put in. I am guessing that iTunes just doesn't show the appropriate option. Perhaps one has to modify iTunes as well.

    Regular syncing is fine, however, and when you change items in other calendars they will get synced back appropriately (that is: they won't change calendars).

    I noticed this because I don't use the default calendars in iCal, but my own ones with different names instead (4 of them). Everytime I create an item on the iPod it gets put in a calendar called "home" on iCal. If the calendar doesn't exist, it will get created upon syncing.

    Any thoughts or any clever iTunes hacking? Basically I want to be able to tell the bugger where to put new items.

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