Multi-audio and subtitles in iTunes

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by RadicalxEdward, Jan 16, 2008.

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    The man announced them both yesterday, does anyone KNOW if this is iTunes store only, or if we can do it with our own content.

    I upgraded to 7.6, and encoded a dual audio + subtitle movie and when played in either quicktime or iTunes, it says the only subtitle option is "default" which is checked, and it doesn't display any. For audio/language it says the same thing but it plays BOTH language tracks at the same time.

    Anyone got some technical info on getting this done? I'd love to throw out all my mkv and ogm's in favor of having everything in iTunes without losing quality or audio/subtitles.

    Please if you are responding, don't respond with responses similar to the following:

    -Why would you want that?
    -No clue
    -Use VLC man!!!

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