MP4 videos wont sync to ipod touch!! help!!!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by seanSILENCE, Nov 3, 2009.

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    ok. so i hqd this huge paragraph typed out.
    but this website f***ed me over. and as i hit submit new thred. it sent me to soem random ad site. and when i hit backspace EVERYTHING was gone after 30 minutes of typing. so im going to try and retype what i remmeber.
    itunes wont sync mp4 videos to my ipod touch 2nd generation. i have the 3.0 firmware on it.
    the videos are all in format. and are in the proper codec.when i try to sync.
    my itunes does teh regular syncing.
    and when i try to view the videos on my ipod it says "updating library" but when its done. teh videos arent in my ipod. other videos are. but nto the ones im trying to sync.
    and when i do sync. it doesnt give me any error messages like "this video cannot sync cuz this ipod cant play it or whatever" it just doe steh regular syncing.

    i compared the details of the videos to other videos that do sync on my ipod. and its all the exact same everything.
    the only difference is that the "total bit rate" is at 0.
    why is it doing this?
    what can i do to fix it?

    and i read about itunes being able to make an ipod version of the video. but my itunes doesnt show this option anywhere
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    ok. so i found out how to copnvert to ipod thing. but when i di dthat. it synced fine. but the video si just a white screen. with the sound from the movie.
    wtf am i suposed to do?
    why doesnt anyone ever reply to these things?

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