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Discussion in 'Android Chat' started by Moses92, Sep 26, 2010.

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    So im looking for a new phone to buy . The iphone 4 well .. Id love to get one but right now its so expensive ( costs about $1100 here ) . So im thinking about the new milestone ( XT720 ), also i never had an android phone so i wna see how good it really is .
    However theres this one thing i need to know .. Is the multitouch screen on it as precise , accurate , and awesome as the iphones' ?

    Cheers ~
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    Sep 26, 2010
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    It's a GREAT device, but I am selling mine anticipating the Nokia N8. I have it on eBay right now for $420 with free ship. I used it for about a month. Full warranty with receipt from Expansys.

    I updated it to the latest firmware which bumped the processor to the 720mHz mark. I rooted it as well, but when I did a security wipe before listing it I am not sure if the rooting stayed or not. It was pretty easy to do.

    It's the best Android phone out there for sure. Takes **AMAZING** photos. Grab it if you're interested--- it won't last long on eBay at that price.

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    as far as iPhone comparison--- it IS android. More of the same. The touch screen is very accurate, multitouch works and works well. It's obviously not as good as the iPhone (nothing is) but it does have a great camera and takes excellent quality video.

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