motionx poker erased?

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    last night was syncing my ipod, but then stopped it halfway through because I wanted to download an application first and THEN sync it. so I stopped it by sliding to cancel on my ipod, downloaded the app (it was molecules if youre curious) and synced again. when all was said and doe and my ipod was finished syncing, I got an error that molecules couldnt be copied to my ipod from some error. whatever, its just a toy for me since I have no use for it. so I just deleted it.

    but later that day I went into motionx poker and found all of my data was erased. I began to rebuild then stopped to play a different game for a bit. so I open aqua forest and get the classic "white flash followed by reboot" error. rarely happens to me but does enough I dont mind so much. I went back into poker and my data was erased AGAIN!

    I'm just curious if me stopping the sync could have caused a problem that messed up the apps saving, and if theres a fix for it. or if rebooting in general causes a problem?

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