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    Headphone Review: Moshi Keramo
    Moshi | In-Ear Monitor | $ 119.95

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    Moshi’s Audio has become busy in the past year releasing quite a few new models. Some were lower-end, others were mid-range. Moshi takes a second swing at the sub-150 range with their new Keramo; an IEM that is encased in ceramic to increase sound quality. How well does it work? Well read on to find out.

    • Driver: 9 mm Dynamic
    • Frequency Response: 10 Hz – 22 kHz
    • Impedance: 24 ohms
    • Sensitivity: 100 dB
    In the Box
    • Moshi Keramo
    • Carrying Case
    • Hybrid Silicone Tips

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    The Keramo comes with the minimum of accessories.


    Moshi has always had an eye for design; they can always come up with something that is attractive and unique. The Keramo are a very beautiful IEM indeed. The glossy, gunmetal ceramic finish on them are really a beauty, pictures don’t do it justice. They are reflective and uniquely shaped. They are simply just gorgeous to look at. Like always, Moshi delivers in the design department.

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    The Keramo’s black ceramic looks great.

    Design: ★★★★


    The Moshi Keramo have a slightly sweet tone to them overall. Midrange is focused on the clarity of the music while the highs shine strongly with the impactful bass. These drivers were tuned pretty nicely overall.


    The low-end can, and does, dig very low into the sub-bass. The result is a very convincing and present sub-bass. As a whole, the bass is very controlled, but focuses on the lower-end of things. The low-bass has a very strong impact that has a very large body. However, this low-bass really overshadows the punch of the mid-bass which can take a bit away.​

    Bass: ★★★★½


    The midrange focuses mainly on the upper midrange. Vocal sweetness is very strong with most female vocalists while the lower-vocals have a nice sense of lushness behind them. This leads to an overall decent vocal dynamic. Detailing in the lower-mids can be lacking at times. The upper midrange holds great clarity though, which is always nice to have.​

    Mids: ★★★★½


    In the upper range, the Keramo begin to show some weakness. They are heavily detailed in the upper and lower treble, which is really great. Separation in the upper-treble isn’t hindered. The treble up here, however, can become quite sibilant at times. The lower treble is nicely detailed with good extension, but still lacks the presence it needs to really shine.​

    Highs: ★★★★

    Audio: ★★★★½


    As with design, Moshi has always had a nick of including a nice case that was custom made for each of its headphones. The Keramo are no different. This textured case has a hint of extravagance to it but also incorporates cable winding. The case will protect your headphones in the long run, but do leave cables exposed.

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    Moshi likes to give their cases a sense of class.

    The ceramic housings are not only made to be pretty, but they are extremely strong as well. They feel very durable and will protect the drivers within. Coming out of each housing is a flexible strain relief. The housings as a whole are nicely designed to last and look good doing it.

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    The housings aren’t only made to look great, the ceramic is also durable.

    The cable is fabricated and very flexible. The cable can tangle quite quickly due to its thin nature unfortunately, so it’s important to use the included case. It is, however, very strong and durable as the fabric feels stronger than normal rubberized, or plastic, cabling.

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    The cable is strong, but can also tangle quite easily.

    The end of the cable terminates at a headphone jack. This jack has a good strain relief on it that is not too flexible, but not too stiff. It’s an ample length in size. The jack is straight however; I’d rather it be angled. Like most jacks, this one is also gold plated to resist corrosion.

    Build: ★★★★


    The housings have quite a bit of weight behind them, so a proper seal is required in order for them to stay in place if you decide to wear them down. Thankfully, this isn’t too hard to achieve as Moshi offers listeners 2 sets of tips in 3 sizes each to ensure proper fit. These IEMs can also be worn up for better stability and to reduce microphonics.

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    Two types of hybrid tips are included with the Keramo.

    Comfort: ★★★★


    Moshi charges about 120 dollars for the Keramo. It’s not the best deal on the block as there are headphones in the price range the run a little better. What you really end up paying for is a bit of design. They aren’t entirely overpriced though. Instead, they are priced a little competitively. The Keramo has a single-button remote and mic at the Y-split of the cable for smartphone users.

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    A remote and mic is attached to the Y-split of the cable.

    Value: ★★★★½

    Final Thoughts

    The Moshi Keramo do prove to be a very well-designed IEM. They look stunning in the right light, and don’t sound too shabby either. Although there may be better sounding IEMs in the price range, these still can hold their own against them. Overall, the Keramo are still a great IEM.

    I’d like to thank Jennifer for the product sample.

    Overall Score

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