More than one of the same app?

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    Well, I am using wyndwarrior's landscaped.

    The problem is, it needs icons for a fake dock, and I only have one app store, safari etc.

    How would I go about creating multiple Safari apps on springboard? I would like to be able to launch them, as well as having them appear on the actual springboard,

    Thank you.

    [edit]First, make a copy of your app. Rename it to or whatever you want. Then, simply open up the info.plist for your app, then change the CFBundleIdentifier from or whatever it is, to com.WHATEVERYOUWANT.safari.
    *A note, that might not be what it actually says, just change the Bundle Identifier thing...

    Then, using WinSCP, Set the app folder's permissions to 755, and they have to be Recursive, the little box underneath all of the info.

    Then, navigate into your app's folder (Safari in this case), and press Ctrl+a. This will select all of the files in the directory. Hit properties and change the permissions and set to recursive.

    Close WinSCP, then respring your iDevice.

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