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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Jaholibop, Feb 24, 2008.

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    So Im new to the Ipod but I've jailbroken to 1.1.3...I can SSH..I've got customize and categories installed and a bunch of games..but one thing has eluded me...I can't get summerboard or even a friggin' wallpaper to work, even after I've started from scratch...I've set permissions like I've read a thousand times, reinstalled, made damn sure I powered down and restarted the ipod with absolutely no luck. Can someone give me some other suggestions that I might try? I have SMBPrefs on my main screen and everything is turned on but at the bottom it says Summerboard 3.1 (inactive) I don't know if thats relevant. Can someone tell me exactly where summerboard and the themes folder should be in my file system so I can see if thats the problem...I feel like I've accomplished a lot this weekend but this is driving me nuts...thanks for the help...
    edit: I started from scratch and did the same stuff (followed the same video) and all is well..didn't even have to change permissions or anything....what the hell? all is well now

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