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Discussion in 'Application Ideas' started by lefty22, Feb 26, 2008.

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    Jan 19, 2008
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    Hi there guys,

    I'm aware of the apogee homework app, and well i managed to get it on my 1.1.3 fine, and use it well enough until it crashes every so often. But thats not my issue/request.

    I was hoping/thinking it would be a good project for someone (even the person who designed the homework app) to make one with a few extra features. Things like, synching due dates to the calendar (only if requested and per assignment option), assignment worth (ie, 10% of marks, 50% of marks, etc...), alerts (if not synched to calendar, or synch alerts to calendar), maybe like a file location tool, where you can upload your assignments (or download assignments) to a specific folder in which when you click on the specific homework or assignment it offers you an "attachments" list within each assignment window, where you could have your related documents, images, etc located.

    let alone better working with 1.1.3 (i'm not sure if there's an update for it yet, doesn't seem so)

    Just an extended idea...
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    iPod touch
    if youre like me and don't use MobileToDo List, then just rename the folder Homework .app + change teh icon

    now whenever i have assignments not completed i even have the little bubble telling me how many are left

    quick cheap solution

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