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    Alright boys and girls.

    Basically, i guess you could call me a massive "N00b" and i have no idea what to do regarding cheats.

    My iPhone is jailbroken, and i downloaded Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Emerald via Cydia.
    Now, i want to use some cheats on them, but everthing i've found here tells me to put the .cht docs in somewhere called root/var/gba/roms or something like that.
    Now, wtf is that?

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    I tried using WinSCP but everytime i load it and try to login it feezes and doesn't respond. I think that is the main problem, so if there are any alternatives to WinSCP with a guide that you'd like to show me, then please be my guest. I'm using Emerald at the moment, but i heard some cheats might not work for that, so i'll go with Ruby if i have to.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!


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