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    Okay, so I didn't get my trusty digicam out this time to take closeups of my fingernails.

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    The video just shows screenshots of the app. However, the most important thing is the background music. This is taken from the demo songs that come loaded into Guitarist, and were all originally played _live_ with the application. This gives you an idea of the sort of music you can create with Guitarist, and therefore just how easy to use the interface is.

    Link to YouTube Guitarist video

    As you can tell, I'm no musician. So I'd love it if other people could post up their own YouTube compositions using Guitarist. Back in the (jailbreak) day a lot of people used to do this with Pianist and Drummer, but these days maybe everyone's too busy trying to finish Super Monkey Ball.

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    Seeing what creative uses people put my apps to is one of the best rewards for me for the weeks of toil writing them.

    I probably can't get away any more with promoting my app with an unlicenced rendition of Stairway to Heaven. More's the shame, as it sounds excellent played on Guitarist. (cough)

    To get the ball rolling, I just found this on YouTube:-
    'djsylv' plays an amazing guitar piece on the Guitarist 'Hammer-On' guitar

    I'm seriously impressed.
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    MooCow, I would really like to support you in your apps but this app (and band) are a bit overpriced, especially since Pocketguitar is out and it is only $1. Sure your app has more features and you put in a lot of hardwork on it, but so did the maker of Pocketguitar, and he is also hard at work right now updating his app, and when he does, it'll pretty much be the same as Guitarist except a LOT cheaper.

    You should seriously think about lowering the price a few dollars at least. You'll definitely make up for it because quite a bit more people will buy it if it's a bit cheaper.

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