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    I recently purchased a Monster brand battery case from Best Buy for my Samsung Instinct. You slip the phone in and it has a extra battery built into the case essentially doubling the battery time. I noticed when I purchased my Samsung version that they made one for the iPhone and a told a friend who promptly ran down and bought one. Over the weekend I took his phone out and slipped in my iPod touch. It was an almost perfect fit. Since the touch is thinner the top part of the touch tilted back in the case just a fraction of an inch. It connected and used the charge from the extra battery just fine. I'm thinking that all that would be needed would be a small piece of foam BEHIND the touch INSIDE the case and this would push the touch forward and give the appearance that it fit perfectly.

    I've attached a pic of the case. The phone stays in the case and the charging cable charges the phone AND the battery built into the case at the same time. It comes with a USB charging cable only but I assume that this usb cable could plug into the a/c plug that comes with the iPhone (since it's usb). My Samsung version actually came with a a/c plug on the end of the charging cord.

    My question is are any of you using this case for your touch even though it's made for the iPhone??

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    Deosnt look very good

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