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Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by trsblader, May 3, 2010.

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    Tried searching for this, and the only thread that came close to answering it went dead before a resolution was found.

    My issue is with mobile substrate freezing ONLY when I unlock my phone when listening to music. Doesn't matter if I wait 5 hours to unlock my iPod or if 5 seconds into the song I manually lock and then unlock. Soon as I unlock, it crashes. NOTHING is different from what I was using with blackra1n (I'm not trying out Spirit). Someone in another thread mentioned looking at what mobilesubstrate addons you have, and mine are as follows: activator, backgrounder, batterycontrol, categoriessb, cydelete, fivelrows,fiveicondock, lockinfo, lockinfomail, mailattachmentm(can't see the rest), preference loader, snowcover, springboardaccess, weathericon, yourtube, libhide, and that's it.

    I tried removing my theme, my tap to unlock, lockinfo, etc and nothing seems to fix it. I figure I need to restore and rebreak, but before I do that I want to make sure that's the issue. Tried rebooting and everything.

    Edit: It looks like SnowCover was the problem actually. After doing a restore and adding things 1 by one (should have done that the first time probably) I found this out. If a mod could lock/delete this thread, it'd be appreciated. Sorry.

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