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    Can Someone Please Fix IT For The Ipod Touch??

    ok so i have been lookin into this app for sometime now and have just found this after googleing some keywords

    Blog Apple adds a SHA1 encryption algorithm to the new iPod iTunesDB database to ensure that only iTunes can read and write the database. Files.But can only support MP4 format.iTunes cannot rip DVD’s as we know, I use iskysoft DVD to iPod Converter for...

    the link is dead to the rest of the blog, but this might be why mnplight works, but im still im still a little confused about the fact that some people have this app working, maybe its they was they jailbroke it, im not sure, they did say this was for the iphone, so mybae when theese people that have it workin jailbroke their ipod and it reconstructed the filesystem to work more like the iphones? is this possible, open to any comments ideas or suggestions

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