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    I'm currently on firmware 3.0.1 on my iPhone 3GS. I updated to "AT&T Carrier 5.1" around 2 weeks ago. I could send picture messages, but not that great. It took a very good amount of time in order to send. Now that its been released I had my sister update to 3.1. She is on Carrier #5.5 (obviously not the same as me). I had her text me a picture, it took 30 seconds. I texted her a picture, it took MUCH (I'll try to emphasize that as much as possible, because the time was ridiculous) longer than that.

    Side note: If your unaware of what I'm talking about with the Carrier numbers, Go to Settings on your phone. Then General. Scroll down to Carrier. WABBBAM!

    Anyways, I'm now wondering if your able to get 5.5 on firmware 3.0. It says all over the internet you must be on firmware 3.1 in order to update and get picture messaging, but that may not be the case here.

    Is it possible for me to get the update on 3.0? Do I have to download through a link, Shift+Click Update and select the file? If so can anyone provide me with a link?

    Or do I have to update to 3.1? Can it be jailbroken on windows? Are there problems that may lie ahead for me if I update? I recall there being a problem about me not being able to ever unlock again? Please give me all the details so I don't make a mistake and pay for it in the future.

    Thanks in Advance
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    Nevermind, Problem fixed. I kept searching and found a download link to the AT&T Carrier #6.0. Updated and now I never have a problem.

    Works in a matter of 15 seconds now

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