MINI GUIDEs. DG 1.1.3 to 1.1.1 & Font/App Folder Redirection.(Back By Popular Demand)

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    Mind you I didn't create these, I'm just putting them both in one concise guide.

    Sangesf's list of How To's that "don't work."
    (Unless you are comfortable with command line utilities and various other tools.)

    In other words, if you're not comfortable with moving stuff around, DON'T TRY THESE!
    These are "advanced" techniques, so please, if you are a novice, don't complain if these don't work for you.


    The world’s easiest method to downgrade your iPod touch from 1.1.3 back to 1.1.1
    BIG NOTE: This is NOT the same as putting your iPod into RESTORE MODE. If you put your iPod into "Restore Mode" when you try to Downgrade to 1.1.1, it will give you an error.

    1.) Connect your iPod touch to your running iTunes (version 7.5 is preferred).
    Make sure it shows up in iTunes.

    2.) Make sure your iPod is showing its 1.1.3 home screen (it’s not in Recovery Mode.)

    3.) Put the iPod touch in DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) Mode as follows:

    a.) Press and hold-down both the Power and Home buttons.

    b.) Release the Power button when you see the iPod disconnects and disappears from iTunes. This takes place in about 10 seconds. The iPod’s screen is blank.

    c.) Release the Home button when you see the iPod re-connects and re-appears in iTunes. This happens in about 20 seconds. The screen is still blank until the iPod reconnects.

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    It’s good to go!

    Now you can do the usual restore firmware procedure with Option+Restore (Shift+Restore in PC), and subsequently jailbreak your iPod touch once again.


    Get around the application space limit your Touch!
    (Using Applications and Font Folders Redirection!)

    Executing the commands below will remove your application space limitation so that you're only limited by the device's drive.. Your apps and fonts will share the same space available to your media files.

    WARNING: These instructions are based on the premise that you are very comfortable with Term-vt100 and basic command line utilities. Therefore, only do this at your own risk.
    BIG FYI!!! (You MUST have the Capitalization correct for EVERYTHING listed here, or it will NOT work, and you will probably end up restoring your iPod)
    Anything in Bold is Capital

    1.) Start up the VT-100 TERMINAL application that you installed from Installer.

    2a.) Move your FONTS folder to the /private/var folder by typing the following Code:

    mv  /[B]S[/B]ystem/[B]L[/B]ibrary/[B]F[/B]onts  /private/var/[B]F[/B]onts
    2b.) Move your Applications folder to the /private/var folder by typing the following Code:

    mv  /[B]A[/B]pplications  /private/var/[B]A[/B]pplications
    3.) Change directory to / by typing

    CD /
    4.) Create a symbolic link to the Fonts and Applications folders new location by typing the following codes:
    ln -s  /private/var/[B]F[/B]onts  /[B]S[/B]ystem/[B]L[/B]ibrary/[B]F[/B]onts
    Then Type in...
    ln -s  /private/var/[B]A[/B]pplications  /[B]A[/B]pplications
    5.) Type the following Code to get a list so we can make sure the symbolic link was created correctly:

    6.) The list that will come up, should look like this...

    Filesystem    1K-Blocks   Used     Available  Use%   Mounted on
    /dev/disk0s1  307200      179248   124880    59%     / 
    [I]Where the Applications & Fonts Folders WERE![/I]
    devfs         15         15         0        100%     /dev
    [I]This Partition always says this.[/I]
    /dev/disk0s2  7622368     142960   7479408   2%.     /private/var
    [I]This is where they went to.[/I]
    7.) Done. Install away. (You should have approximately 110-130 Mg free at this point

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    You may ask questions, but please NO complaints, I just put these here for those who needed it. I've cut down the amount of steps needed for both and made it a little easier.
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