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    Meze 66 Classics
    Meze | On-Ear Headphones | $ 199

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    Wood is a material that has been loved by many. Whether it’s the properties that make it essential to life, or it’s artistic properties. To an audio enthusiast, it’s the ability of Wood to create natural resonances. OK, the beautiful wood-tone designs also have something to do with it too. Meze is a company that takes both of these properties of wood, and takes total advantage of them. Their mid-tiered 66 Classics is a nice example of that.

    • Driver: Dynamic
    • Frequency Response: 16 Hz – 24 kHz
    • Impedance: 30 ohms
    • Sensitivity: 109 dB
    In the Box
    • Meze 66 Classics
    • Audio Cables (Short and Long)

    Beautiful, natural, and textured wood holds the Meze name and logo proudly in gold. This wood surrounds the housings while a plastic fork caresses it onto the headband. The design is dark, natural, and gorgeous. If you’re a fan of wood, Meze chooses the best slices to design their headphones with. From their housings, to the headphone jacks, beautiful wood surrounds the entire design.

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    Design: ★★★★


    The sound produced by the Meze 66 Classics has a bit of a low end emphasis, but it still does well with the mids and highs. The headphones take on a classic warm signature which has a focus on the lower midrange and mid-bass. The sound is warm and inviting, but never offending.

    The low end has a bit of focus on the lower-to-mid bass. The result is a bass that has plenty of body and a bit of slam behind it. Impacts are strong and present. Although the punches aren’t as tight or fast as they should be they are still well controlled. The sub-bass has a subtle presence to it offering texturing that that doesn’t stand out, but is still felt.

    The midrange has a beautiful warmth behind it that invites the listener straight in. Detailing takes a bit of a back seat as the upper midrange clarity and vocal energy kicks in ever so slightly. A hint of sweetness can be heard in every vocal while lushness traps the listener. The midrange is tuned in a very friendly manner. It’s not sterile, but still remains very musical.

    The treble has a focus on the lower treble. The snares snap very prominently, but aren’t sharp or intense. That said, extension is ample while presence is very well done. As you climb into the upper ranges, you’ll find that Meze was very polite with the upper treble. Splashes are soft and never sibilant. I can’t help but notice the extension doesn’t go as high as it should; you don’t get every detail either.

    Audio: ★★★★½


    These headphones come to you just about barebones. You’ll get the headphones and 2 cables. Nothing else. I do wish a carrying case, or at least a pouch, was included with the Classics to protect the stunning wood housings. Nonetheless, the headphones can stand up for themselves regardless.

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    The housings, as stated is made of a nice slice of wood. Besides looking great, the wood is, as expected, very strong. Metal female jacks are punched, but protrude, out of each housing. This gives it more of a premium, classic feel to the headphones. The forks that hold the housings onto the headband are plastic, as are the joints. The stiffness of the joints still feels very promising.

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    The headband is actually split into two to allow the headphones to collapse into a very small form factor. Most headphones that do this feel very fragile on the headband. A metal rod acts as a pivot in this case to allow the headphones to keep their rigidity while also being able to flex. The headband is plastic though, and although it feels firm.

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    The cables are a little thinner to allow for better use on the go. The cable is very flexible though and does a good job avoid the inevitable tangles; just make sure you wrap them appropriately. As with many portable cables, the cabling on the lower half of the headphone is thicker than that of the upper half. This is normally done to reduce microphonics.

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    The cables terminate at the headphone jacks. There are three ends, two 2.5 mm jacks and one 3.5. The jacks are all straight and made out of wood to keep the theme going. The wooden jacks are very strong themselves, but there is very little strain relief on any of them. This can be a bit worrisome as straight jacks in addition to small strain reliefs can result in cable failure.

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    Build: ★★★★½


    The 66 Classics sit very tight on your head due to their size. Fortunately though, the clamping force is very small so the headphones can be comfortable in the long run. To add to this comfort, the small size of the Meze 66’s makes them especially light. The pads, however, become the weak spot concerning comfort. They are soft, but a little thin. They also have made my ears itch a bit during testing.

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    Comfort: ★★★★


    These headphones will run you a bit more than a pretty penny. The Meze on-ear headphones will bring you back about 200 dollars total. For the audio they offer, they are right on par with other big names in the on-ear portable category when compared to things like the SOL Republic Tracks Ultra or V-Moda M80. Their size holds a huge advantage over both of these allowing better transportation. The Meze Classics do have a few things they could tweak though, a few minor things with the pads and maybe a little stronger cabling.

    Value: ★★★★½

    Final Thoughts

    I have to admit, the Meze 66 Classics may not be that perfectly flat, fully-sterile audiophile sound that many enthusiasts may be looking for, but it’s a respectable sound that they can still come to like. From a consumer standpoint, this is a great headphone to put on and just use. It may have its weak-spots, but the Meze 66 Classics does a lot of things right: audio and design being the main two.

    I’d like to thank Meze for the product sample.

    Overall Score

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