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    Just finished the automatic set-up system. Let me describe the conditions I had my iPhone in before I started.
    What I already had:
    - Already had "SpringBack" downloaded
    - Already had "Winterboard" downloaded (duh!)
    - I installed all the apps I have on my laptop (when I made the SpringBack backup, I had all my non-stock apps UNINSTALLED except Winterboard, SpringBack, and SpringJumps to ensure that this setup would work regardless of what apps I have and don't have)
    - Also had Five Column Springboard installed, but that is something that is theme-specific. The theme I'm using is my own (iNitsua 3.0 Premium) and requires Five Column Springboard
    - Already had "SpringJumps" downloaded - also theme specific, as the select theme requires SpringJumps

    What I DID NOT have:
    - iBlanks app as it is needed so I uninstalled it
    - Blank icons; I have absolutely NONE
    - SpringJump shortcuts; I have the app installed, but I don't have any springjumps showing.

    The setup method I did is what I'm calling the "SSH-requiring KATS". This method is pretty self-explanatory, it requires the user to SSH the necessary files into the iDevice. The other method would be the "Repo-installing KATS" which is also self-explanatory. The latter is also the fatest way to set up the theme, so the method I'm testing with right now is technically the SLOWER more MANUAL method.

    I started the clock when I SSH'ed into my iPhone.
    1. SSH'ed the appropriate files to their appropriate directory (webclips, applications/springjumps, SPBK file, and the theme itself)
    2. Resprang my iPhone
    3. Opened SpringBack app
    4. Restored SpringBack backup file that I added in Step 1
    5. Waited for my iPhone to again respring
    6. Opened Winterboard app
    7. Activated iNitsua 3.0 Premium theme

    Official clock-in time (including "resprings"):

    3 Minutes and 37 Seconds

    Let me emphasize something... THIS INCLUDES SSH-ing, RESPRINGS, and was my most difficult theme (thus far) to install... iNITSUA 3.0 PREMIUM!!!! In the past, this theme has been known to take well more than an hour to install manually.

    Now, what this time DOESN'T include:
    - Installing the appropriate apps
    - Selecting favorite apps and games (placeholders are installed, and can be deleted and replaced with the user's desired app/game)

    I will be packaging this method for theme developers. You might say "all you need is the spbk file and use SpringJump", but that is NOT the case. What I am packaging are pre-made blank icons (since iBlank randomizes the webclip label), pre-made SpringJumps shortcuts (in case the developer wants to use multiple SpringJumps), and app placeholders (in case the develop requires the placement of apps to create the theme's structure). I am also including VERY detailed instructions (if you seriously need help understanding the directions I have provided, you probably shouldn't be theming in the first place).

    The package will also include the end-user directions for installing the developer's KATS.

    ... It's a beautiful morning!!!!


    After Step 1:

    Page 0

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    After Step 5:

    Page 3

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    Page 6

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    Results after Set-Up:

    Page 3

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    Page 6

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    Now to answer the likely most asked question... When will this method be released?

    To be honest, I'm still up in the air about releasing this before I am able to release it myself for my own themes. I'll most likely release it within the next 2 days as it is practically done... that is, IF I release it before I release it for my own theme.

    The method is in the beta-testing phase. I'll post more info when it becomes available.
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    Sweet, it'll help me set it up again in 4 mins.
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    Wow, nice. Just what I wanted.

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