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Discussion in 'iOS Development' started by hogtd2, Feb 24, 2009.

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    hi! I hope this is the right place for this post anyway my question is this I installed metasploit on my iPod through cydia I have perl installed also and all the ret stuff that everyone should have so anyway I followed a tutorial to get to this point but the guy who did the tutorial put metasploit on his iPod via ssh so when he goes to start his up I think it's in a different location since I installed metasploit from cydia this is what he does to start his in the cmd
    Su root, password, cd .., cd framework-2.7, ./msfconsole well I never get passed cd framework-2.7 it just says that their is no such file which is what leads me to believe that cydia just installs under a different file so if you can please help there has been very limited resources on this and I've had a hard time finding any info which is why I'm posting this thankyou and any response will be greatly appriciated!

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