Meh... I think it's a good idea. Don't know if you can do it, though.

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    How about, once a user registers, they are taken to a certain page before they are allowed to post. This page contains several pieces of useful information, things like:

    • Use the Search button.
      The 2G jailbreak is currently (semi) tethered.
      We do not support the discussion of cracked apps.

    And so on and so forth. To make sure people read it, put the "I understand these terms" button on some sort of timer, so that it only appears after the new member has spent a certain amount of time looking at the page.

    I have no experience working with forums, so I don't know if this is even possible, but if it is I think it might help cut down on some of the often-repeated threads.

    Oh, and I checked the "Often-Repeated Suggestions" thread before posting this and it wasn't in there, so don't burn me to cinders, kthx?

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