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    MEElectronics | Bluetooth Headphones | $ 149.99

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    In the most recent years, MEElectronics has made a surge to push the limits without wires. This has caused them to develop what they call the Air-Fi series of headphones. They are a set of headphones that have their grounds set in Bluetooth, wireless connectivity. Previously, I’ve reviewed the Metro ear-buds, which I was impressed with. With MEE’s most current offering, their flagship Air-Fi model, the Matrix2. The Matrix2 is the update to the previous Matrix model. It features APT-X, AAC, and an over-ear design (as opposed to an on-ear one).


    Driver: 40 mm Dynamic
    Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
    Impedance: 64 ohms
    Sensitivity: 103 dB

    In the Box

    MEElectronics Matrix2
    Carrying Case
    USB Charging Cable
    Auxiliary Cable (To Run Audio Passive)

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    Just like its predecessor, the Matrix2 has it’s design heavily embedded in carbon fiber. The color scheme is a basic, but standard, black with dark silver accents. The carbon fiber is soft to the touch (unlike most other carbon fiber headphones I’ve encountered) and it does look quite stylish. The design queues that MEE gives are quite subtle and blend very well with any environment.

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    Design: ★★★★


    Like with the majority of the audiophile targeted products that MEE offers, the Matrix2 is a little flatter overall, but does have a bassy sound overall. The punches are quick and fast with a slight body. The midrange has a bit of an aggression to it while the treble offers good presence, though rolls off a little early.

    The bass of the Matrix focuses mainly on the lower and mid-bass regions. The impacts are sharp and quick with ample force and power. The have a good body to them which offers good presence. The sub-bass does roll off a little unfortunately, but still has good presence and OK texturing. Despite being bass-heavy, these still aren’t the bass head phones, which isn’t a bad thin in my opinion.

    Moving up into the midrange, we find that the Matrix2 offers an aggressive feel with the lower midrange. Detailing is done strongly and retrieved in a forceful manner. The upper midrange clarity is definitely strong enough. Vocals hold good energy up top. Lushness, however, can be lacking overall. There really is no warmth to these headphones in the instrumentals or vocals.

    The treble continues on with the edgy, aggressive feel that the midrange offers. It’s not a bad thing. The lower treble is rendered quite beautifully with great attack, extension, detailing and presence. The upper treble offers a similar attack and solid detailing. It does, however, get a little edgy at times and can be fatiguing. In a few ways, it seems that the treble lacks refinement.

    Audio: ★★★★½


    Build has really been hit or miss when it comes to MEElectronics. They do some things great, but others, not so much. The Matrix2 does come with a nice carrying case that is small enough to fit in most bags and purses; it’s about the size of an iPad Mini, but a little thicker. Like the headphones, the exterior is carbon fiber, but not soft and squishy, rather it’s harder like a case should be. It’s large enough to carry the headphones and included cables, but not much more.

    The housings on the MEElectronics Matrix2 are made entirely out of plastic. The plastic is matted with a rubber-like texture to them. Plastic normally isn’t the best material out there, but it’s not bad. Nothing is loose, on the headphones; actually, some things are a little too stiff and tight when trying to fold the headphones flat. The carbon fiber is also a very nice touch.

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    The headband is better built overall, however. There still are plastic shells, but they surround the metal frame within. The headband is plush, soft, and flexible and feels great actually. Again, some things are a little too stiff with some sliding mechanisms unfortunately.

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    The included audio cable isn’t the best, but these headphones are designed to be used without wires. In the long run, it’s detachable and any auxiliary cable will work.

    Build: ★★★★


    The housings on the Matrix are actually quite small. They are barely large enough to fit my ears, and I’ve quite small ears. The pads are also a bit shallow which can cause issues in the long run. Clamping force is low, which helps this quite a bit though. The headband, as stated before, is soft and plush and causes no discomfort. With all that said, I had no problems with medium length listening sessions, larger-eared folk may not be so lucky.

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    Comfort: ★★★★½


    MEElectronics prices these headphones at 150 dollars. They can be had for nearly half the price, at times, if you look hard enough. That said, these are a great value at this price point, especially for a pair of wireless headphones. All the controls you could possibly want are separated out for you nicely. They look good and sound great. Build cold be improved here and there, but you can’t win them all.

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    Value: ★★★★½

    Final Thoughts

    In the past couple years, I’ve seen MEElectronics try to push the wireless envelope. I am a firm believer that CD quality (and the highest lossy quality) can be delivered wirelessly. The Matrix2 does deliver on that front offering great quality even when worn wirelessly.

    I’d like to thank Mike for the product sample

    Overall Score


    MEElectronics Matrix2

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