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    Hi All;

    Wanted to mention a new third party (free) web app that you might enjoy trying out on your iPod Touch. It's called mDigger and located on a site with the same name (or can be found in Apple's site in their web app catalog for iPhone).

    The web app lets you create, organize and share your own space on your iPod Touch (or iPhone). It constantly supplies fresh information by extracting what you need from as many Internet sources as you want, and filters out the rest. You get dynamically updated web clippings from sources you select that are adapted for use on iPod Touch.

    The app now supports podcasts as well. You can simply go to the website that contains the podcast feed you want to subscribe. You can then click on the icon to open the feed and copy its URL from the “Address” bar of in Safari. To add the podcast feed to your mDigger dashboard, choose add RSS from the menu.

    Here is a picture of what the app looks like on the device:

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