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    Hello, first off let me introduce myself Im Gabriel, Im a filmaker and a gamer two ocupations that seemingly go together well. And I love and buy ipod apps over and over again. Now that you guys see im obviously a nerd let me tell you my purpose. I would love to make films for your ipod touch apps or anything else in this field (actually anything) the ipod app can be in beta or out of beta if you need a promotional video you got it.

    Ive been a filmaker for about 7 years and Ive produced many different videos. And I have connections with the world with over 7000 myspace friends and 3000 facebook so publicity of videos are not a problem.

    Cost and ect:
    FREE Absolutly free, Im doing this to work on my skill in app making and you wont be sorry, so give me a chance thank you

    Pm me for details and or email me at or text my buissness phone at 909-203-2934 text only thank you

    Maybenotnow Productions

    ps. Forum if it is illegal to post your buissness phone please notify me.

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