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    Hey, Guyz

    Well i was messing around with the file trying to make a backdoor user for my friends iPod just incase any thing happened i could always ssh with that user
    but instead when i try logging in to root or mobile or backdoor
    user it says Acess Denied

    Anyway i wanted someone to post their file here with the default password of root and mobile

    So that i can just put the file in with iPhone Broswer
    And then change the permission when i have acess again.

    So yeh.. please reply soon
    and post the file

    Thanks i have important file i need. in encrypted file
    iPod Touch Fans you guy'z rule!!
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    i just hope this works lol.. if this dosen't work i'd be happy if someone could suggest any other idea

    expect restore
    ------------------double post merged------------------
    It worked i ssh my brother master.passwd file of he iPod and put it on my friends with iPhone Broswer god this is a life saver

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