Mass Effect comes to the iPhone!

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    Rumours have been flying thick and fast about some allegedly leaked information pointing to a Mass Effect game making its way to the iPhone / iPod touch, with it all sounding a bit too good to be true. However, today Chris Priestly from BioWare has come out and announced that the company is indeed working on a game for the Apple platform, and more information will be released this month.

    In the meantime, he's provided us with a selection of dot-points that shed some light on the new project.

    Posting on the Mass Effect forums, Priestly confirmed simply:
    Apparently, the recently-leaked information has come from a tester at a focus group, who broke the NDA and revealed information before BioWare were quite ready.

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    According to the leaked information, Mass Effect: Jacob's Story will be "about two hours" of playable hand-held adventuring, for an estimated price of US$2.99. Just what those two hours will contain is a matter for some speculation, but Chris did offer some clarification:

    He also made sure to address gamer's concerns about how BioWare spend their time pretty quickly:

    The development on this game is being do

    Thanks to this separate, dedicated team, this new release has been developed from the ground up, specifically for the iPhone/iPod Touch platform. BioWare and particularly the Mass Effect team have always expressed a desire in "branching out" into the Mass Effect universe, with this iPhone game just one example of what they have in mind.

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    And there you have it. Chris did not confirm or deny the rumoured title for the game - Mass Effect: Jacob's Story, which has been popping up in various places around the internets. He also didn't shed any light on whether or not these images are actually from the new game, or if they're something else.

    However, he did announce that this is just the start of the information coming out about the iPod/iPhone game, and it's also one of the very first steps towards opening the Mass Effect 2 floodgates - expect plenty more information about both games coming your way in May and June!


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