manually installed apps not shown in the springboard

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    manually installed jailbroken apps not shown in the springboard

    I have jailbroken ipod touch 1g 16 gb 2.2.1. Then firmware was 2.2 - problem wasn't. I have installed terminal.
    Then I install deb package or put trough SSH app directory into /Applications - the application doesn't appear in springboard. Earlier I had tool for ipod restarting. That only eliminated deleted apps from springboard and not always. Manual restart doesn't help.
    I prefer to use cyder (windows) than cydia(after I install app through cydia - all apps appears). Are there any ways to refresh the springboard that manually installed apps would be shown ?
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    So I have tried this :
    1) deleted one manually installed app, which cydia recognized ;
    2) Installed the same deleted and registered app again and changed permissions to 0777;
    3) installed app directory and changed permissions to 0777.

    Then I did those commands through terminal (su root; apt-get check; restarted ipod touch) 3 times :
    1) app disappeared;
    2) app appeared;
    3) not registered app didn't appear.

    I think that apps must be written in list. Which file should I edit through text editor (I think) and how ?
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    I installed Respring tool and ran it. Every app appears and disappears as it must be.

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