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    So I know there are a LOT of people out there asking for working themes for the new Retina display on the iPod Touch 4g and well you should all use the search function because i don't know how many people have posted this before but shows some of the best HD capable themes in a super easy to browse way.

    However... If your like me and none of these themes are EXACTY what you want there is another option. Make your own!

    Now I will admit, for a iPod and Jailbreak noob it was a little time consuming and frustrating at first. Having to watch all these "how-to" videos and download all these different apps and programs. But now that I'm getting the hang of it i'm pretty happy with my results so far.

    I've made my own LockScreen Battery and only one app icon but its just the start for me. I'm figuring out how to do each thing before i go crazy and redo them all.
    The battery starts with just the monkey in red and slowly as the battery charges the next primate in the line appears and the colors change until the final result below

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    The only app icon I have changed so far is my "Photos" app. I just didn't like that stupid little flower, it didn't say "Photos" to me, so I made this with a picture of my wife and I...

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    Then i shrunk it down into the icon size (60x60) and now my Photos app looks like this

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    Like i said this is just the beginning for me and if your looking to do the same here are the resources i used that helped me the most. If you see terms you don't understand they will make a little more sense after the videos and other links i posted as resources.

    A WiFi connection is needed

    On the iPod:
    Jailbreak + Cydia
    SBSettings (shows your WiFi IP)
    OpenSSH (enables SSH)

    On your PC:
    WinSCP (Allows transfer of files from your PC straight to the directory location on the iPod via WiFi/internet connection. Google it so that you get the most recent version)
    Any detailed picture editor (i used GiMP because its free and easy for me)

    How to SSH into your iPod
    Start at 7:00 to find the theme folder to replace icons in (Only if you used a theme to start with)
    Start at 5:00 for the making of an icon

    When it comes to making 100% custom images i find its easiest to find the original file from the iPod using WinSCP, copy it over, opening it up in the pic editor, select all (crtl+a), deleting whats there, and using the blank canvas. That way you you are already in the correct .png format and have the right amount of pixels. Make sure what ever you are replacing you name it exactly the same thing and put it in the right spot. Oh yeah, and always BACK UP THE ORIGINALS! If you mess up just replace them until you figure it out

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    I did not make any of these tutorials! Don't blame me if it doesn't work 100% for you and don't give me credit for your success. I just wanted to put all the information in one spot because thats how I would have wanted to find it before i started

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    I encourage questions, comments, and sharing. I will try to help to the best of my knowledge but PLEASE don't ask me to do it for you. If its a "How do i..." question search it on youtube first you would be surprised at how many things you can find tutorials for.

    It's YOUR iPod, show us what you got! Thanks for reading and have fun!
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    I'll check it out when I get my ipod back (it's in for a repair at the moment, massive light leakage).

    By the way, I'm a noob on the forums, do I have to enter the anti spam message at the top of the page every time I reply? Could get frustrating

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