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    hey guys my installer wasnt allowing me to install some apps so i was told to reset my ipod by holding donw the power and home button till the apple popped up....well i did that and now my ipod wont turn on....every time i try to turn it on it keeps showing the cd and cord wen i connect it to the computer it tells me to reset it BUT I DONT WANT TO CUZ ITS do i turn my ipod back on?
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    iPod touch
    You rebooted your ipod, meaning that you need to to restore your ipod. If your itunes is lower than 7.6, then plug in your ipod when the "cd and cord screen" pops up and the itunes will say something about restoring your ipod. Download 1.1.1 firmware onto your computer and once the download is done, press shift and click restore in itunes. Select the 1.1.1 firmware download in your computer and press enter. Then your ipod will turn back on and you need to jail break again.

    What they meant by reset is to either go to smbprefs and press reset springboard or to turn off and on your ipod touch. Pressing the power and the home button will REBOOT your ipod which will make you reupload the 1.1.1 firmware and jailbreak again. So next time just reset sprinboard from smbprefs, categorize, or customize.

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