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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by m-man, May 26, 2009.

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    Hey all,
    i have yahoo for my email account,
    and ive noticed that since i got a touch, whenever i go on my computer, i have to sign in to yahoo, ...makes sense since the touch is the one that is mostly signing in, and you can only sign in from one place,
    however, a lot of the time, i have trouble signing into my email on my computer, it usually errors or never loads etc... is there something i can do?

    my problem is that i have several folders in my email, for example one for ebay, so any email that comes from ebay goes directly into that folder..

    i dont receive these messages on my touch, even though they go to my emal address, is there some way to fix this?

    also, when i delete an email from the touch, it remains in yahoo mailbox , when i go use my computer, is there a way to make it so, when i delete the email from the touch, it also deletes it from my yahoo mailbox?

    i have "Push" off, and have mail set to fetch every 30 min.
    i also see some advanced settings, that i do not know what they do
    like "delete from server" and "use SSL"

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