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Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by poombster, Oct 30, 2007.

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    I had posted about this earlier but I think my post wasn't understood properly so it was closed. I wanted to try again and try to make it more clear as to what I was asking about. The alarm clock puts out an alert sound through whatever speaker the ipod touch actually does have built into it. I want to know if the same type of alert can be connected to so that when new mail comes the sound that plays through headphones can actually come through that external speaker. Even if it's possible that the alarm clock just goes off when that happens and you can just change the alarm sound then. Does anyone know if this is possible? I know someone like last time is bound to say just get an iphone but I don't have at&t and this is what I have, an itouch, and so I want to mod it to do what I want if possible. It's just like any other mod so if anyone thinks they know how to do this please let me know. Thanks.

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