Mafia live. Strategy. How to make money, win fights, invest, etc.

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    Feb 7, 2009
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    All I see are tons of posts asking questions and people leaving there mafia numbers.

    I'll answer all your questions, and let you know the best ways to maximize profits, win fights, and much more.

    Add me while your at it.. for $100000 for each of us.


    303 471 163

    General Tips

    * Pretty sure Capitalist is the fastest way to get crazy rich. But the problem is that everyone seems to want to fight a Capitalist (because they all know we have money).
    * Put your money in the bank as often as possible. That stops people from fighting you and stealing whatever you haven’t banked.

    Doing jobs is the easiest way to make money. There’s a huge list of jobs you can do to make money. These are the ones I recommend:

    * Buy a Metal bat.
    * Trash A Car. Keep doing that until you have enough money to buy a Revolver.
    * Rough Up Rivals. Keep doing that until you have enough money to buy another Revolver.
    * Rig Horse Race. Keep doing that until you have enough money to buy a Town Car.
    * Vandalize Mansion. Keep doing that until you have enough money to buy a Hummer H2 & 3 M-16 Rifles.
    * Run Gaming Circuit. Keep doing that until you have enough money to buy another Hummer H2. Don’t sell your M-16… you’ll need the 3 later.
    * Casino Heist. Keep doing that until you have enough money to buy another Hummer H2 (making 3 total).
    * Take Cop For Ransom. This is the best value job, in terms of money and experience, for the energy you’ll use for each job.

    Real Estate
    When you first start off, the money you get from jobs is best used to buy better equipment (so you can do bigger jobs). But after about level 6 (when the next equipment you need is too expensive to be purchased quickly), you’ll do better investing in real estate. That allows you to earn income all the time, without doing jobs or fighting other players. My recommendations are:

    * If you don’t have enough money to Construct Buildings, then buy one piece of Land. But don’t stock up on Land. They’re not efficient, so just buy 1 piece of land and then save up so you can build something on it. Then repeat.
    * For the Empty Yard, the Shack is the better value. The Hot Dog Stand costs 3 times as much, but only returns slightly over 2 times the income. So 3 Shacks cost as much as 1 Hot Dog Stand, but provides 28% more income.
    * For the Commercial Lot, the Gas Station is the better value.
    * For the Downtown Block, the Commercial Building is the better value.
    * For the Marina Square, the Fantasy Resort is the better value.
    * Initially the Shack is actually the most efficient (revenue vs its cost). But the cost goes up the more you buy. I won’t go into the mathematics of it, but this is is the roughly how I do it: buy up to 10 Gas Stations, buy 15 Jewelry Stores, buy 5 more Gas Stations, then start on the Downtown Block building types. After 15 of each building type, it’s more cost effective to buy the next level stuff.

    Fighting other players are a big gamble. Often you’ll get $0, but sometimes you can really hit pay dirt!

    * The best time to fight other people is early in the morning. While they’ve been sleeping, their character should have built up a big chunk of unbanked money.
    * You’ll have the best chance of getting a good pay out if you fight Capitalists. Especially in the morning.
    * But sometimes, especially as the day progresses and everyone’s picking on Capitalists, try to fight some Executioners or Psychopaths. They may have unbanked money because they think everyone else will be busy attacking Capitalists.
    * If you find someone that paid out a big sum of money, go back to the Home screen (so you can see all the people you’ve fought). Then click on that person’s name, and you can attack him again! Keep fighting the same person as long as the payout is good

    Cookie Cutter Play
    This is pretty much what I do every time I log in.

    * Bank any money I am carrying.
    * Go to My Consigliere, and accept any family invites.
    * Check my family strength, then Fight anyone who is below my family strength.
    * Keep fighting until my Stamina is 0 and my Health is less than 20. If I still have stamina but low on health, I’ll get Dal Dottore to heal me.
    * From my Fight tip above, if anyone has a good payout, I keep fighting him to get even more money.
    * After I’m done fighting, I buy any equipment that I might need for the next bigger job.
    * Bank all the money I’m carrying if my health is 20 or more. If it’s less than 20, I can hang onto the money I’m carrying because no one can attack me while I’m low on health.
    * Now I do jobs. Just keep doing the more cost effective job until I run out of energy.
    * Then I bank all the money I’m carrying.

    Gaining A New Level
    When you level, the only thing worth improving is Energy. Because that lets you do more Jobs, which allows you to invest in Real Estate, which allows you pile on the money. Let your big families do the fighting for you.

    Build A Big Family

    As you progress, it is important that you build a big family. Having a bigger family stops people with smaller families from attacking you (and taking all your unbanked money). Make sure you tell everyone you know to join your family!

    You can start by adding me!
    303 471 163
    or for $10000

    everyone please post your mafia live numbers! lets make this thread full of mafia numbers!!
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    Feb 17, 2009
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    A few additional points

    My two cents. As stated on the Aftershock website when you're attacked your equipment scores are multiplied to your defense score (by some number) and then to a LESSER degree your family size. There is value in enhancing your defensive scores in my opinion. I generally like to maintain a 2/1 defense to offense ration when building levels. I've found that I win about 75% of the time (and getting paid off in the process) I'm attacked even though almost all of my attackers hold a sizable advantage in family size (sometimes as large as 2-1).

    And as a corollary to that point, you'll always want to ensure that every member of your family has a weapon/armor/vehicle combination to maximize your abilities in regard to attacking and defending others. So, at the very least you should be stocking up with AK-47's (no upkeep), Helmets (no upkeep), and ultimately town cars as the $50 upkeep becomes negligible once you start raking in some serious cash.

    And as a corollary to the corollary when you're seeking out people to fight, keep an eye out for families who while they may have 10%-15% more members than you, have not taken the time to equip them as to a certain degree family members going to battle with metal bats, no armor, or vehicle are basically worthless.

    Also, when you're adding Gas Stations and Jewelry Stores I'm fairly certain the most mathematically sound play is to keep alternating back and forth so that you never have 2 more than either of them. Once you have about 15 Jewelry Stores at a cost of about 1M each the downtown lot investments become efficient plays.

    Personally, I don't think (at least until much later in the game) it's wise to purchase more high upkeep equipment than you need to do the jobs. That money is better allocated toward real estate.

    I just thought I'd share.

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    It's not smart to do jobs unless you want to level fast. In order to become a really strong player, you have to save up money and progress as slowly as possible. This way you'll get more money which = real estate and equipment. My advice is to level to 15 fast and then take it super slow, this way you can you Mymafialive to copy paste codes in.
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