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    The Godfather recently posted the updated formula for how Fights are calculated in Mafia LIVE. For those of you who haven't seen the post, here's how fights scores are calculated:
    1) The amount of attack strength in your equipment (only YOUR equipment matters, ie if John is in your family and he has XYZ weapon, those weapons do not matter). You may only use one weapon, one armor, and one vehicle PER family member.

    2) Your attack/defense score is then multiplied by some number and then added to your equipment score (a lot of tuning went into finding the balance here) NOTE: attack score matters when you are Attacking, defense score matters when you are defending an attack. Only YOUR attack/defense matter, your family members' stats have no influence. Your family size does have an effect of how much your attack/defense scores are magnified, but the effect is limited in scope. (took a while to derive that balance)

    3) There is a little luck factor involved as well.

    Note that this means it's NOT simply a matter of adding up all the weapons your Famliy brings to the fight --- your Attack and Defense scores DO make a difference, as well as a modifying factor based on your Family size. And a little 'luck' thrown in to the mix.

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    Stop posting heaps of threads, MAKE ONE THREAD AND PUT ALL YOUR INFORMATION INTO IT.

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