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Discussion in 'Mac & OS X' started by Screamworks, Jun 25, 2010.

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    Hey guys, I've only been a member of the forums for a few days now, and you guys have already been amazing in your support and help. Originally, I was going to go with the 17" MacBook Pro with the i7 processor, when I was informed by a few people that that particular combination seems to get excessively hot (compared to, say the 17" w/ i5 processor) and that the 17" is overly big. I really liked the idea of 17" screen, as I thought it was really nice, but hearing how much heavier it is in comparison to the 15", is it really worth it?

    I don't need the 17" screem, but I like the resolution of it and the size of it. Weight doesn't matter all to much to me, but with the temperature issue with the 17" paired with the i7 processor, that is an issue. Can anyone who has purchased the 17" with the i7 processor confirm / deny this claim?

    Moreover, I have a final question. At AUD$290, the upgrade from the i5 to the i7 processor is fairly costly, but I thought (at least in the beginning) that it was worth the upgrade. In your opinion, do you think it makes a major difference? (keeping in mind that the upgrade adds two cores and a faster clock speed)

    Thanks so much guys,


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    It all depends with what you want. If you want tons of speed and performance, get the 17". If you want more portability, get the 15".
    I wanted the most portability I could get, so I got the 13".
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    +1 for 17''.

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