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Discussion in 'Mac & OS X' started by ZombieKiller, Jan 20, 2008.

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    Ok, so ever since I got my iPod touch, I've been wanting a mac book pro like crazy! They just look so nice, and now that you can use boot camp to run Windows... I wanted it even more!

    I wantedto ask some question, about the Mac Book Pro (Strongest 15" one) and boot camp.

    1. Would Boot Camp with windows XP run games at full speed if I have the requirmsnts for it? Even if I have boot camp?

    2. How happy are you guys with Boot Camp? Does get a lot of errors or something? ViRuSeS?

    3. How happy are you with a Mac Book Pro?

    4. I'm a Windows XP user... Will of be hard to switch to Mac OS X?
  2. Kampfsalat

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    sry i cant help u, but im gonna buy a macbook pro too...

    but games will run perfectly on XP bootcamp...

    i mean, the macbook pro was voted the best vista notebook by pc magazine ^^
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    Yes. There is not emulation when it is running Windows, so everything will be full speed. Some even speculate to say that it even runs BETTER/FASTER on a Mac. See here:,135062-page,1-c,notebooks/article.html

    I have not heard anything bad. Just take the standard precautions you would use with any other Windows computer (anti-virus, do not open weird emails, etc.). You are just as vulnerable to get a virus on your Mac running Windows than any other Windows computer.

    The reviews are really good. It even got the CNET Editor's Choice Award. See here:

    Do not expect to get the hang of it the first day. I say in about a week you will get the hand of it and know what you are doing.
  4. buffonitaly

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    Just a word of advice. Wait a month or too until the new penryn MacBook Pros come out. They will have a speed boost and probably an upgraded graphics card (8800M would be nice). The MacBook Pro is a good machine, but I would definitely wait a little while for the upgrade.
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    Well, I haven't used Boot Camp yet. I thought I would run it immediately, but I found that Mac OS X was all I really needed (and wanted). Unless you want to run games..whole different story.

    And yeah, if you're going to buy ANYTHING from Apple, especially their expensive computers, wait until their next upgrade. Their prices lower every time and the quality keeps going up. Also, you will hate yourself when you buy one two weeks before their upgrade, like a few people I know..
  6. I_am_Mad_like_This

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    2. windows on a mac is like windows on a pc, they still get viruses, it is fast, I love it
    3. I really love the macbook, So simple, has everything it needs
    4. I thought the same way, but you will learn fast, that Mac OS X is easier and better to use

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