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Discussion in 'iPad' started by gewoodfo, Sep 24, 2010.

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    Hi all:

    I want to build a home LAN with Apple products. I was envisioning a Mac mini running OSX server and using ipads as my clients.

    on the Mac mini, i will need to run fusion so that I can have a virtual windows environment for some investment applications that I use that only run in the windows world.

    The issues that I am trying to address are:

    1. Do I need OSX server?
    2. What products are out there for the ipads to be able to run any applications that are hosted on the mac mini? Note: This is very important as it relates to the fusion and windows envrionment.
    3. I need to access this from anywhere in the world at any time but i do not want to have to pay for a hosting service.

    As to how the LAN wil be used:

    1. it will have no more than 5 clients at any given time.
    2. the most common functions that will be done are: web surfing, word processing, spreadsheets, some photoediting;, and most importatnly running investment software for managing various investments. ( I am setting up a business as a professional trader, focusing on FOREX market).
    3. I would like the ipads to use the applications on the mini if possible and there is no significant performace loss.
    4. There will be shared and file swapping between the devices; howeve most data will be saved on the mac mini.
    5. There will be some games but nothing significant; the wife likes to play black jack on the computer.
    6. we will have lots of educational software for the grandkids (ages 4 and 2)
    7. Should probaly include some video editing as to sae HS home videos of the grandkids.

    So is what I am describing doable? If so, what hardware and software, do I need to get to make this happen. I know that i will need a server (MAc Minin and the ipads ( not sure about which model); what wireles device should I get; and most important, what software will I need to pull this all together.

    Oh, a couple of other notes:

    1. I will, at some point get a high end imac;
    2. At some point, I will have a high end Computer dedicated for my investment business/company. This computer will have the ability to drive up to 12 different sized mointors.
    3. I also want to at some point in time, install a smart home system. I am hoping to use the Ipads as the user interface for that as well.

    Any ideas and suggestion on the feasibilty of setting up the home lan with the mini and ipads so that I can have the desired functionality would be greatly apprecaited.

    Also if you have any hardware and software recommendations for this I would really appreciate that becasue as i said in my intro post, I have been an apple basher for years and now I want to convert everythimg that I can to Apple and minimize the amount of windows platforms and OSs in my life.


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    Well, this is impossible. It's possible in the context that you are not too far away from the Mac Minis (in terms of being inside the country), but if you are "anywhere in the world", then you can pretty much forget about this idea. One reason is that a connection from "anywhere in the world" to your own home will not be fast enough for you to send a whole application over. The most you can do is get a single frame of image within the hour. The other is obviously that you can't wait 2 hours just to wait for your Mac Mini to show you which button you clicked an hour earlier.

    So if you're planning on moving onto Macs, I'd suggest that you either get a Macbook Pro and forget about the troubles of using an iPad, or... you get an iPad and forget about using the Mac Minis as servers and instead see how the iPad will fit your business model as a single device. For web-browsing, text editing, word processing, spreadsheets and photo editing, the iPad already have some basic replacement for your needs. I don't know about the investment business so I can't really tell you what to get there, but for your other needs, the iPad alone would already be enough. If you would like to store data, you can use one of the online services. Apple's MobileMe, for instance.

    So I think... the realistic scenario is that you get a Macbook Pro and forget about the iPad altogether. A Mac Mini and an iPad together would cost as much as a Macbook Pro anyways.
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    I disagree with bahamutspirit. I think your idea is feasible but you should really be asking apple tech support because they are more familiar with the mini's capabilities as an OSX server. As well, no matter where u are in the world a single frame wont take an hour to send. At most you'll get 1 minute delay.

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