[Mac and PC] RedSn0w Tutorial using easiest aspects of both OS's

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    This tutorial uses all of the simplest aspects of both operating systems to efficiently jailbreak your iPod Touch 2G.
    Credit to CyW00d - Windows for his application.

    Here is the tutorial I compiled as I went along. I made it as easy as it gets.

    First off: I am not responsible for what you do with these instuctions or any downloads I have provided. I believe that if you follow these correctly then nothing bad will happen, but there is no guarantee.

    What you will need:
    iPod Touch 2G Firmware 2.1.1 (Cant link to this)
    iPod Touch 2G Firmware 2.2.1 (Cant link to this)
    Cywood's Application
    rslite (by the devteam)

    What I assume:
    You own both a PC (XP, Vista, or 7) and a Mac (10.4 or 10.5)
    [StrikeThough]You know how to use terminal (a little)[/strikethrough] You know how to use a keyboard
    You know where to find firmware files (on the web)
    You have extracted 2.2.1 firmware into redsn0w2 on the desktop (PC)
    You have an iPod Touch 2G.
    You are on firmware 2.2.1
    rslite is extracted on the desktop of your mac

    Part I

    1) Open terminal and type "cd ~/desktop/rslite" then type bash copy.txt
    Note: to get to the resources directory above, you will need to right click pwnagetool.app and select view package contents.
    2) Open PwnageTool and click OK on the warning.
    3) Select expert mode in the top left.
    4) Select iPod Touch and click the blue arrow
    5) Click browse for ispw and select the 2.2.1 firmware
    6) Continue and open Cydia
    7) Click download packages, and choose OpenSSH
    8) Click Add To Queue
    9) Go back to "select packages" and click "select all"
    10) Click Continue (Twice)
    11) Deselect both the boot and recovery logo and press continue
    12) Double Click Build, then click save (to desktop preferably)
    13) Pwnage tool will prompt you for your password within 1 minute, and the whole process will take about 2 minutes from start to finish.
    14) When it asks you if you've pwned your ipod, click yes
    15) Ignore the next blue message, click ok, and then quit pwnagetool (Apple+Q)
    16) Find the Custom Firmware that you've just created and right click>open with>other...
    17) choose unarchiver or stuffit expander, or something to extract its contents with (I used "the unarchiver")
    18) open the folder that was extracted and navigate to firmware/all_flash/all_flash*
    Note: * refers to anything, basically: I didnt feel like writing out the whole thing
    19) Drag the iBoot file to the desktop and rename it as iBoot221pwn.img3
    20) Navigate to Firmware/DFU/ and drag the iBSS file to desktop and rename it to iBSS221pwn.dfu
    21) Drag Both files from above into the rslite folder
    22) Extract the official 2.1.1 (thats NOT 2.2.1, it's the older one) firmware to the desktop (use the same process as before).
    22) Inside, copy the iBSS file from /Firmware/DFU to the desktop and rename it to iBSS211.dfu
    23) move that file into rslite

    Part II

    1) Open redsn0w2 on your PC
    2) DONT Install libUSB... C++ redistributable is optional (install if this tutorial doesnt work the first time) libUSB might cause USB problems on many versions of windows.
    3) Click next step
    4) Choose the 2.2.1 firmware file
    5) Click start making ispw
    6) Once the command prompt vanishes (roughly 3 minutes) close the application.

    Part III
    (Mac and PC)

    For ALL of the following steps iTunes MUST REMAIN CLOSED (unless otherwise stated). If/When it opens during this process, close it before proceeding.

    1) Plug your iPod Touch 2G into the Mac and put it in DFU mode.
    Note: This is NOT restore mode... you should see a black screen. To enter DFU, hold power and home for 10 seconds, and then let go of power (still holding home) for 8 seconds. This works REGARDLESS of the power state of the iPod (it can be off when you do this).
    2)Open Terminal (utilities>terminal)
    3) type the following:
    cd ~/Desktop/rslite
    Close iTunes
    4) Disconnect the iPod from the Mac and connect it to the PC
    5) Open iTunes and Shift+Click Restore
    6) Choose the Jailbroken ISPW file in /Desktop/Redsn0w/
    7) Now the iPod has been Jailbroken by RedSn0w, and the iPod will be tethered to the computer. If the ipod ever turns off (which is does when restore is finished), you will need to do the following in order to boot it. Sleep does not count as turning off.

    Don't have iTunes running during any of these steps, if it appears, then close it. This manual boot process only works on mac, to boot using windows use other methods than what is below.

    1) Put your ipt2g into DFU mode using keypresses from part II step 1.
    2) Open Terminal
    3) Navigate to rslite "cd ~/Desktop/rslite"
    3) Start rslite by typing "./rslite"
    4) Send the official iBSS from 2.1.1: !iBSS211.dfu
    ------Close iTunes
    5) Start rslite again.
    6) Send the redsn0w-lite patch: #pwn211ibss.txt
    7) Send the patched iBSS from 2.2.1: !iBSS221pwn.dfu
    ------Close iTunes
    8) Start rslite again
    9) Send the patched iBoot from 2.2.1: !iBoot221pwn.img3

    FAQ (So Far):

    Can I leave terminal on throughout the whole thing?

    Are all of the commands (like ! and #) issued through ./rslite?

    When I finish Pwnagetool, and it asks me if my ipod has been pwned before, what do I click?

    If I am restoring from a backup, once it is done restoring will I have to manually boot it, or is it just a respring?
    You will need to go through the manual boot method (using rslite)

    Credit to the Dev Team for the original Guide.
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    iPod touch
    Good job.
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    thanks, I am 100% that this works. my guide for only mac works 90% of the time, but iTunes for windows restores better than it does on mac, which is why I used Cywoods application for PC to create the ispw and then restore using iTunes.

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