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Discussion in 'Application Ideas' started by wardak, Dec 19, 2007.

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    Im not sure if theres a lumines like game for the ipod. So far I think the closest is the port for the GBA I will try that soon but generally native apps are better. I like the lumines 60 second time attack mode and it might be a fun quick game to see if you can get better scores, however controls may prove to be troublesome.

    I know there is a LUA version of it floating around, but the ipt doesn't have a LUA program only python, perhaps its not too hard to port LUA to python? Wiki lists a few other ports of it at the bottom but I don't think there are too many useful ones with source.
    There are also tetris games for the touch which may be useful as a base.

    I would take a shot at it if I had the skill but I am pretty limited to not so complex java, and I will probably wait for the sdk to come out in hopes they will make it a little easier to write/compile for.

    Oh one other one that would be really neat would be a program that displays the speed you're going in mph. I think its possible as it has been done with the wiimote but I looked at the Sensors guide and although it seems possible, especially since the values are fed regularly to the program with the method "(void)acceleratedInX

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    ..." there would be some guesswork regarding how the raw numbers can be calculated into something useful.

    Actually im on winter break, is there a precompiled compiler set that I can toss the source into and compile on windows? EDIT prebuilt for windows. Edit2 can't get anything to compile, doesn't throw errors just makes useless files and doesn't make or just adds files to the C:\cygwin\iphone-apps dir might make a thread in dev help but I doubt I can figure this code out.

    I hope my post was acceptable, I think its realistically possible to do with the information out there but as with the dreams of the end users... its always easier to come up with an idea than to code and debug it.

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